Service Overview

College Quill is a SaaS (software as a service) system. If your publication needs a website, we'll host it and provide you with the tools you need to manage it. Our content management system software is designed specifically for the needs of student publications.

Gorgeous themes

Choose from any one of our gorgeous, configurable themes. Each theme is designed to be configurable so that you can match your publication's asthetic. Change colors, upload photos, move around sections of the website. Or, if you want even more control, contact our support team about custom themes.

Search-engine optimized

Search engines are a vital source of traffic. College Quill is designed to leverage the power of search engines and maximize your website's organic traffic. Besides obeying web standards and general search-engine optimization principles, we maintain comprehensive sitemaps of your site, ensuring search spiders can reach every page of your website.

Blazing fast servers

College Quill's services run on servers provided by ServInt, a renowned webhost that has been running webservers since 1995. High redundancy ensures that even if something goes wrong, your website will keep on running.

Robust advertising system

Harness the revenue potential of your publication's website. College Quill provides a robust advertising system through which you can create any number of ad campaigns, displaying text ads, banner ads, Google AdSense, Chikita, Yahoo! Publisher ads, or anything else you want. Track ad impressions, clicks. Limit campaigns by impressions or time. Unlike some competitors, College Quill does not take a portion of your advertising revenue.

Great support

We understand that college publications often have high staff turnover rates. Our knowledgebase has a wealth of resources that can help new staff members get acquainted with College Quill. Plus, our custom support helpdesk is always available to help you with anything from styling your site to guiding you through creating an article. We're here to help.

Media support

Multimedia support is built into the heart of the College Quill software. Easily upload and attach photos, videos and audio files. College Quill converts your media into web-friendly formats and integrates them into your website.

Photo galleries

Creating a photo gallery in College Quill is trivial business. Drag and drop some photos into the gallery, and, well, you're done.

Full-site searching

Every College Quill site comes with an integrated search engine that searches all aspects of your site, including articles, pages and authors.


Integrating Google Analytics into College Quill is simple. Or, if you don't use Google Analytics, College Quill uses its own site analytics software to track usage and help you gauge who's visiting and where they're coming from.


College Quill allows you to create and maintain blogs within your website. Blogs have at their disposal all of the multimedia tools of regular articles.

Mobile website

College Quill automatically detects mobile browsers and serves up a theme designed and optimized for mobile viewers. The mobile theme reduces page size and ensures a quick browsing experience when on a limited internet connection.


Get to know your visitors through polls. College Quill allows you to easily create polls and place them just about anywhere on your site.

Free upgrades

We're constantly working to improve College Quill. As soon as an upgrade, bug fix or new feature is available, you have it.

Weather display

College Quill is connected to several weather data networks. You can leverage this connection by displaying current weather conditions on your newspaper's website.


We protect your data by performing nightly account backups.

RSS feeds

College Quill maintains RSS feeds of your published articles. It's never been easier for subscribers to keep current with your publication.

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